Some Viral Videos You Need to Know1

Some Viral Videos You Need to KnowIn this cyber world, there are a lot of ways to be famous easily. Most of people using social media or particular website on the Internet to be famous. They can do something special like showing their skill or doing something silly. The most important point is, entertain people. Here are some top viral videos that can make you fun and entertain you.

Teenage Dream

This video is all about a boy who is a fanatic fan of Katy Perry. He tries to sing Katy Perry’s song ‘Teenage Dream’ and record it on a video. Once this video goes on the Internet, unbelievable, the 15-year-old boy becomes famous. His lip-synching interests the real singer of the song. Katy Perry asks calls him to perform together. It surprises a lot of people on the Internet. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Susan Boyle

Have you ever heard about Susan Boyle? In 2009, she had amazed all of the audiences in the auditions of Britain’s Got Talent by her amazing and powerful voice. It is very good viral video that she hoped nothing at that time but it was great. She entertained the juries. Her video of the audition is now widespread all around the world.

Talking twin babies

This video is about two twin babies talking each other. It seems crazy for adult people because they talk in very strange words or even it’s not in words. But they get each other, they understand each other and they seem happy. This video is very entertaining so that if you get tired and need an entertainment, make sure you have this video.

The keyboard cat

Have you ever seen a cat that can play keyboard? As a human, we always think as rational as we think human can only play that keyboard. However, this video make the mind set go down because it shows a cat-playing keyboard as good as human. It is unbelievable but it is the fact. The keyboard cat video has amazed the people around the world since it’s been widespread on the internet. On the video, the cat seems happy and enjoys playing the keyboard. It is so skillful and that’s why this video is one of the top viral videos.

Dancing baby

This video is the very first funny video, which released in 1997. It became the most popular video on the Internet at that time. The video shows a baby dancing on the same style. Although the duration is only 25 second, this video featured on Alley McBeal. On the video, the baby doesn’t do much but dancing. It is quite scary but still can entertain people.

Leave Britney alone!

This video makes Chris Crocker very famous in the Internet. He makes this video as an emotional video defending his idol Britney Spears who suffered a meltdown in 2007. No more than 24 hours, his video had been seen by almost 2 million people in the Internet. Then all people know his name.

That’s all about top viral videos. Hopefully you are entertained and enjoy the free time with full of fun.