Some Viral Videos You Need to Know

It is very fun enjoying your free time with something fun, isn’t it? There are many things you can do to spend your free time. One of the best choices is watching great videos. If you don’t have any or you get confused to choose which one is good for entertainment, just don’t be worried. Here are some viral videos of the week that can entertain you.

Ninja cat

“Never practice ninja’s style at home!” said Steven Siegel. The video shows the consequence of ignoring the warning. It is not only the kids practicing the ninja style but also the cat. This ninja cat shows all of its skill on the camera.

Father makes iron man costume for premature baby son

This video is very inspiring all fathers in the world. Erick Hart has a premature child who is still four months old. The premature baby is still in the hospital receiving treatment. The father is afraid that later his son cannot go home. Then Erick makes an Iron Man costume on his own to help the child feel brave. By the Iron Man costume, Erick hopes his son will get stronger and can go home. This heartwarming video becomes very popular on the Internet.

Husband surprises wife with wedding ring she lost 15 years ago

Her loving husband who has found their wedding ring that she lost 15 years ago surprises a wife. As you know, the wedding ring is very worth for a couple. Of course, it is very hurt when you lost the ring. That’s the wife’s feeling after she thought that the ring had been lost. But the husband becomes the hero. He finds it again. On the video, the man gets down on one knee for the second time after 38 years of marriage. It’s so romantic; therefore, this video becomes one of the viral videos of the week.

Helicopter creates thick dust cloud on busy road in Australia

This video shows very dangerous moment. American military helicopter lands on busy road in Brisbane, Australia. It creates a thick dust cloud. The dust cloud passes the busy road so that many drivers cannot see the way. It can create any accident potentially. What a strangeness action!

Cute Boston Terrier strives to escape cage

This is a funny video that shows a dog tries to escape from its cage. Its owner put it in the pen, but it doesn’t want to be in the cage. It wants freedom as human. Remember, a dog is also a living thing that loves freedom. Therefore, the dog tries very hard to go out of the cage over the top. It climbs so hard until it reaches the top. It is hysterical because it uses everything it has to escape from the pen.

After all, it’s all about viral videos of the week. Just spend your free time with enjoying something fun that can make you laugh and calm. Remember, laughing is a good therapy when you are tired, sad, even when you are frustrated. Just enjoy your laugh, enjoy the video.