MyPC Backup is basically a service that provides online backup with great ease and access. However, lots of computer users start to experience unusual things to their computers after they agree on the term of service and they start download the program. Sometimes, they don’t feel that they ever download it at all! Such things are happening all around the places that people suspect about the so-called MyPC Backup virus and how the downloaded program carries the virus.MyPC Backup virus and how the downloaded program carries the virus.

The program is generally bundled with other download managers (like ironSource) or optimizer programs for PC (like PC Cleaners or Systweak) so users don’t really know of their existence – or the fact that they have downloaded it. Most users claim that they have never downloaded the program and yet somehow it exists within their database. The problem with MyPC Backup is the fact that it create constant pop-up window reminder about the need for you to backup your files and data, and how you should purchase the program, which in the end will be super annoying. When IT experts are testing out the program, they don’t really call it as a malware because it is not in destructive mode – well, only in annoying mode. However, the fact that a program can install and attach itself to the system without your permission is quite suspicious and disturbing – from safety concern and protection aspect.

That’s why most people call the program as MyPC Backup virus, because problems seem to come one by one after the installation is made. You should be aware and suspicious if you have found these signs:

  • Your computer is somewhat becomes slow and very unresponsive
  • Your browser is acting up, whether it crashes or flashes more than once in a day.
  • You start to notice that more ads are appearing on your screen; irritating you constantly
  • You can’t uninstall it easily even from Control Panel

But not to worry, as there are always ways to uninstall the program even if you have to do it very cautiously and carefully.

  • Reboot the computer and make sure you use Safe Mode
  • Uninstall the program located in Control Panel
  • Enable show hidden files option by:
  • Opening the Control Panel and find Folder Options
  • If you find the options for Show Hidden Files, tick it. You should be able to see option of Hide Protected Operating System Files. It should be un-ticked. Then forward by clicking OK
  • Click on Start and choose Search Programs and Files. You should find files that are created by MyPC Backup including .exe or .rtf extension. Don’t forget to delete license agreement as well as backup tutorial
  • Forward to Registry Editor and make you to delete all entries and files that are connected to MyPC Backup
  • Reset the Internet Explorer. Simply open it and choose Tools à Internet Options. If you see Advanced Tab option, click on it and choose Restore Defaults. Press the O.

spyhunter41This should be enough to remove the program for good. But in case you still have doubts whether this manual way is safe or not, you can always use programs like SpyHunter or AdwCleaner to help you remove the program while at the same time protecting the important files and data. If you use these programs, you won’t have to worry that you may accidentally delete important files.