Everyone knows that password manager can really save you loads of trouble. Not only you won’t have to remember all the passwords for different websites and activities, you can group them within one single spot without having to worry about the security attack. There are different apps and programs for such purpose, and most of them are either free or paid. Password manager isn’t only handy, but also saves you money – although some of the features are quite limited when compared to the paid services.Best Password Manager to Use

Among the many names in the industry, MyPadlock is offering a simple and easy operation without you having to spend a dime. You don’t have to write and list all your passwords in unencrypted files anymore – since they are prone to theft, attack, and hack – and you can be sure everything is managed in the most well arranged manner. Forget the old ways of writing the passwords in a piece of paper or reusing the same passwords for multiple accounts. If you are a predictable person, you are a sitting duck for most hackers.

Here are the reasons why this app is good for you:

1. All your passwords will be kept in a safe and protected hard drive. Microsoft will keep the data with symmetric AES algorithm 128-bit encryption system so it won’t be easily broken through.

2. MyPadlock has this unique protection system where it will log off automatically after several minutes. After you have accessed the main database, don’t be surprised if it logs off on its own several minutes later. Such action is done to protect your data, in case you are away from your computer and you forget to log off.

3. If you choose a certain password, the app won’t show it on your screen. You are allowed – and expected – to copy the already given info and then paste it into the website. It may be manual and old school when compared to all automated functionalities offered today, but it is actually a good system, especially if you have other busybody people who like to snoop around your shoulders and stick their nose in places they aren’t supposed to.Best Password Manager to Use1

Another app to consider about is the Passpack, which is an online best password manager. It saves your password automatically, so there is no need to deal with manual system. Not only this app can be used for Windows and Mac, it can also be used for Android and iOS like iPhone or iPad. It is compatible with most browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and IE. Another feature that makes it unique is the fact that Passpack supports Windows Phone as well as Linux. It can be synced with cloud system and the addition of Passpack desktop is quite handy when you want to access your files during offline moment. In case you want to have more offline easiness, Passpack Offline can be installed via USB driver. Passpack offers unique features like two factor authentication for added protection and the ability to make disposable logins, in case you only want to do one-time usage only.